Ray Singer - Morphic

Designer | Maker | Developer

Hi, I'm Ray. I'm passionate about creating great experiences for people in the digital world. I'm both a full-stack software developer and an experienced visual designer.

Designing and making have always been my life focus, and it hasn't always been digital. I have crafted a successful clothing range that was exported globally from NZ. I've designed for both print and web as a graphic designer. I've also scored original music and sound for podcasts, theatre and producer sample packs. I enjoy working solo and with my enthusiastic team to tackle challenging problems.

As well as software development, I have a huge interest in user-centred design and customer experience. I'm continually learning everything I can about this field, reading and researching far and wide. It's fascinating and exciting.

When I'm not doing the above-mentioned things you won't find me watching TV! You might catch me out in the surf testing some fins I have made, on the estuary kiteboarding or in the ocean stand-up paddleboarding with my family.

I have studied both software development and design. I gained dux of Whitecliffe College for my Diploma in Software Development, with an A+ average. I also have a BA in Human Geography & Design from the University of Otago.

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Designing across different mediums and disciplines stretches my thinking and problem solving skills. I love new challenges and tackling interesting problems in creative ways.


Project 1

Carbon Composite Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins are like wings under the water. The aerofoil shape creates lift and speed. There are many factors to balance. I reverse engineered the FCS2 system, then designed my own template and flex with a unique feel.


Project 2

Musician Management Application

Many musicians are busy and disorganised when it comes to promoting their music projects. I designed an app to help musicians increase productivity and land more gigs. I designed the prototype in Figma for user testing.


Project 3

AusWest and PGG Wrightson Seeds Websites

PGW came to Stratos with a problem. To move their sites to a new CMS due to a corporate restructure. Our small dev team of 3, learnt the new CMS, reverse engineered 7 sites and hosted them within 6 months, a momentous job.

Skills And Interests

Purposeful design and clear communication for end-user satisfaction.

Full-stack software development
UX research and design
User interface design
Research, development and prototyping
Designing the design process
Continuous improvement

Whether it’s intentional or not UX design always happens. During a project, decisions are made about how people will interact with the product. If we make these decisions in the knowledge that they will fulfill the needs of both our users and our business then that is good UX design.